Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Blogspot Debut

I have been writing political blogs on myspace for almost a year now, and I think it is time I spread my wings a bit so to speak. My plans are to make weekly or bi weekly posts here, and try to build a readership, like I did on myspace, minus the drama that sometimes accompany blogs there.

I just want to spread the truth, and further the conservative cause to whomever will listen. America is experiencing dark days, and I look for them to get much darker as this new socialist administration begins to take power, and bring about the "changes" that was promised.

America was built on the pioneer spirit, rugged individualism, and FREEDOM like the world has never seen, and has been a shining example of what free men and women can create when unencumbered by a tyrannical government. America IS that "shining city on a hill" that is the envy of the world.

The socialists of this country promise to destroy all that has made this country great, and I for one plan to fight them with everything at my disposal. I will shout the truth from the mountain tops as long as I have breath to do so.



K.C. Santiago said...

Very cool, I get to be your first comment on the new spot. Obviously you know the Wolf is now over here, and I see you found my little spot. Glad to know I won't be loosing sight of you.

America's Last Line of Defense said...

NAH KC. I'm like a bad penny that just keeps showing up LOL.

Welcome KC, it's good to see a friendly face here.

Johnnyreb™ said...

Howdy mistah Clay, nice digs!

Kay said...

"minus the drama"?? I love the drama. LOL.

I'll be reading everything you write, as I always do.

kathylorain said...

Hey Clay I'll be here nice to see you,, Also it's nice to see KC

Anonymous said...

Speaking of bad pennies.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that conservatives want the government to control our lives just as much as liberals do, don't you? I mean, if that weren't true, then why would conservatives be pushing for gay marriage and abortion to become illegal?

America's Last Line of Defense said...

Hanna,, gays have the same right to marry as anyone else. Marriage IS between a man and a woman. What they want to do is something else. It's been that way from the beginning.

How does outlawing the murder of unborn children translate into running someone's life? Are laws against murder infringing on YOUR rights? Your rights do not trump anyone else's rights.

Anonymous said...

So you think that gays should marry someone of the opposite gender, even though marriage is about love, and even though gays cannot fall in love with someone of the opposite gender?

Also, if you want marriage to be Biblical, then why aren't you trying to illegalize non-Christian marriages?

As for abortions, not everyone believes that abortion is wrong and should be illegalized, so by illegalizing it, you'd be forcing those who believe it's okay to kowtow to your opinions on the issue. So that's how it would affect others' rights (namely, the right to hold a different opinion than you do).

America's Last Line of Defense said...

Hannah it's NOT just my opinion,, if left alone ( and not murdered ) a human child will be born as a result of a pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant and happy about it,, she is carrying a baby,,but when she decides to end it's life,, it's a fetus. Unborn babies are murdered for a parents convenience, and many times when a woman is given the facts about an abortion,, she decides against it. It is much more horrible when you see the results, and know the facts about abortion. The left who worships at the alter of abortion, doesn't tell you about the psychological damage that is done to many women who have an abortion.

I'm a libertarian at heart,, and they believe that people should be free to do pretty much as they please as long as it doesn't harm anyone else or infringe on their rights. Being murdered before you can even be born is pretty much being infringed on I would say wouldn't you? This is one of the issues where I differ from the libertarians now. I used to be pro choice before studying the issue closer, and seeing how much of a person a fetus is even in the early stages of development. It's called pro choice,, but the baby doesn't get a choice.

Marriage is between a man and woman, period. Now a group of people want to come along and completely redefine an institution that has been around since the beginning of time,, for everyone else. What gives them that right? What would be next,, polygamy? Multiple pardner marriages? Marriage to animals? Inanimate object? There will be no end to it,, and by the credo of the left,, what would give YOU the right to tell anyone,, that they can't define marriage any way they want? After all,, THEY deserve to be happy too.

I don't care what people ( adults ) do behind closed doors,, but please don't try to force your lifestyle on me, by trashing an institution that I may want to inter into again some day.

If marriage is redefined,and can be anything anyone can think, it will no long have any meaning.

For now, I would be happy to see abortion decided by the people of each state, and the federal government stay out of it. It is not a federal matter,, and I am enraged by the fact that my money is taken from me by force, and used to pay for abortions,, which is murder plan and simple.

Anonymous said...

Excellent points Clay.

I would like to add that marriage is much more than just about love. For those who do not know this have no business trying to redefine it.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think that allowing gay marriage would lead to any sort of a slippery slope of allowing other sorts of marriages? Gay marriage is legal in Canada, yet they haven't legalized any other sorts of marriages there. Same with Germany, France, England, and a few other European countries.

So please, explain to me how legalizing gay marriage would affect you at all. And remember, the definition of "marriage" has been changed many, many times since marriage was first invented, so you cannot use the old "it would be changing the definition of marriage" argument.

Anonymous said...
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America's Last Line of Defense said...

It's ALWAYS a slippery slope when it comes to liberal causes. They are NEVER satisfied, and there is NEVER an end to it. Part of the liberal agenda is to allow by law,, sex between adults and minors. Is that slippery enough for you? If you don't know about this,, you are uninformed. It's out there if you are interested in the truth.

Oh yeah,, we need to copy Europe. Muslims will soon enough take Europe over, and all the gays will be killed anyway, under Sharia law , so it won't matter if they can marry each other or not.

Personally I don't care if gays get some kind of civil union contract, with the state they live in, if their state allows it, just for the benefits that comes with it,, but NOT marriage.

Like I said before,, once marriage is no longer between a man and a woman,, it will have NO meaning at all,, and I certainly wouldn't bother with it.

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention Canada at all in your reply. Why is that? I mean, nothing bad at all is happening in Canada, even though gay marriage was legalized there years ago. So why aren't you taking that fact into consideration?

America's Last Line of Defense said...

Laws don't always effect social structure immediately. Sometimes it takes decades before the damage can be accessed. Hetero marriage is the back bone of the family unit, and the left has done a very good job of destroying that. Why then would we want to copy ANYONE when we know it is destructive to our society? Political correctness? Political expediency? How about a little common sense?

Canada only exists because we exist,, so why now do we want to copy them?